I was first introduced to meditation when I moved into the Seattle Dharma Center in Ballard, Washington in the 1980’s. The center was a small residential  Zen Center established under the auspices of the Kwan Um School of Zen headed by Zen Master Seung Sahn.  It was a deeply moving experience and was the impetus, the first thread of inspiration that eventually brought me to the virtual door of Mindfulness Northwest, where I completed the Mindfulness Teacher Training Program  (MTTP).

Since 2006 I have been working as a Licensed Massage Therapist in Port Townsend, Washington.  I started my business In Balance Therapeutic Massage, upon graduation. As my skills in massage grew, I became increasingly curious about the sensations of pain and anxiety, hoping to learn more about the mind-body connection to help my clients manage their pain and suffering.  This curiosity was the second thread of inspiration that led me to become a mindfulness teacher.

I have been trained to teach mindfulness and compassion meditation through a rigorous 350+ hour program the Mindfulness Teacher Training Program (MTTP) offered by Mindfulness Northwest in Bellingham, WA. It was there that I learned about the Buddhist roots of mindfulness, psychology & neuroscience, group facilitation, the history of mindfulness, and much more. The training provided a deep dive into the skills, personal presence, and background knowledge needed for a deeply embodied, thoughtful and skillful presentation of mindfulness to diverse audiences.

Continuing  my development as a mindfulness teacher, I am enrolled in training to  become certified to teach the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program, the “gold standard” in mindfulness courses. I am currently a Qualified MBSR Teacher-in-Training: qualified to begin teaching  on my own. (Click “MBSR” in the menu to see upcoming classes.)

My personal experience with mindfulness training has created a loving relationship with my own body. Now, I have more patience, increased kindness, and forgiveness- toward my own complicated mind and emotions. It is this path to inner knowing and acceptance that is what I hope to share with you.

 Ellen Falconer