Group Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation: take time to replenish…in community

Online Meditation
Thursday evenings  7 PM -8 PM.   Various mindfulness meditations are practiced
Class fee: none. (Donations are appreciated!!)
These evening meditations are online using Zoom. Registration is required to prevent those with mischievous intent from crashing our Zoom meditations.


If you have questions, please contact me.
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Donations are appreciated:

Dana (the practice of cultivating generosity) is one of our core Buddhist practices. From the beginning of the original sangha, monks went on daily alms rounds. If they came to a house and were turned away, they had to go back to that same house the next day. At times, that may have been uncomfortable for both parties, but it reinforced that this practice is not so much about two individuals, but recognizing the fluid nature of generosity and gratitude.

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