Practicing Presence: A Day of Mindfulness Meditation

We offer this 6 hour “mini-retreat” as a refreshing “refresher class” for past and current practitioners of mindful meditation, as well as for anyone who is curious about the various meditations that are offered in the course “Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction”.  This is a day of silent meditation for participants, following the guided meditations led by our mindfulness teachers. We practice seated meditation and movement-based meditation practices, including gentle yoga poses, “Mentastics” movement, Qi Gong, and walking meditation. Midway through the day we have time to eat our own “mindful meal”.

A goal of this mini-retreat is to allow each of us to experience what a day of mindfulness can feel like; and while it is usually relaxing, it can also be whatever we bring to each moment: sadness, joy, discomfort, boredom…you name it, it can appear! We encourage everyone to bring curiosity with them as a companion and welcome whatever arrives…

There are benefits to be had when we can gather together to meditate. Most of us want to be together after two years of isolation. Some of us aren’t ready to mingle. Some of us live in or near the Olympic Peninsula area while some of us live too far away to participate unless the class is held online!  Please state your preference when you register, if you want an in-person or a remote/Zoom class.  We will do our best to fill each class accordingly.