Practicing Presence: A Day of Mindfulness Meditations

We offer this 6 hour mini-retreat as a refreshing “refresher class” for past and current practitioners of mindful meditation, as well as for anyone who is curious about the various meditations that are offered in the course “Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction”.  This is a day of silent meditation for participants, following the guided meditations led by our mindfulness teachers. We practice seated meditation and movement-based meditation practices, including gentle yoga poses, “Mentastics” movement, Qi Gong, and walking meditation. Midway through the retreat we have time to eat our own mindful meal.

A goal of this mini-retreat is to allow each of us to experience what a day of mindfulness can feel like; and while it is usually relaxing, it can also be whatever we bring to each moment: sadness, joy, discomfort, boredom…you name it, it can appear! We encourage everyone to bring curiosity with them as a companion and welcome whatever arrives…

The next retreat will be held at the Fillmore Street Studio, 629 Fillmore Street, Port Townsend on  Saturday, November 16, 10am – 4pm. Registration is required as space is limited!